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a roof is basic essential like food clothing and shelter - we take it seriously


KJ's Roofing and Construction was founded in 1996 by Kenny Johanningmeier in Garnavillio, Iowa. Kenny was in need of roof repair and was unable to find a reliable, dependable and company that used extremely high end products.

This led to the start of KJ's Roofing and Construction. KJ's Roofing and Construction provides service to a large area of Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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long lasting

Our systems can outlast other systems 2 to 1 or even more! Our systems are designed to last significantly longer and require less maintenance. When we install a roof, it likely may be the last one you purchase. 

serving iowa, minnesota, Illinois and wisconsin


KJ's Roofing and Construction is headquartered in beautiful Waterville, Iowa. Our service area includes Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin. 

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  • Our products and service is guaranteed

  • We use the quality of quantity approach - your roof is in good hands

  • We specialize is commercial and residential

  • We use long lasting and high quality systems (not shigle systems that need replacement every few years)

  • We provide quick and dependable service 

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Water Resistance 

Our membranes on flat and semi-sloped roofs do not reply on seam sealers; the scrim is run through a specialized process that coats the scrim with high performance platicizers. 

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Our roof systems are often white or sand color and provides additional energy efficiency. This performance is tested and exceeds Energy Star and CRRC standards. 

eliminate messy tear-offs

Some of our systems eliminate the need for messy tear-offs that are required with many applications the competitor uses. This helps reduce cost, landfill waste and saves time. Contact us to see if this solution works for your applications.